Last May 27th we organized together with Bodegas Nadal a wine tasting organized for the companies of Rambla Catalunya Cowork, in Barcelona, always trying to keep the necessary precautions of COVID19. We were fortunate to have the sommelier Linda Silva. In this tasting we were able to taste one of their best Corpinnat quality sparkling wines: Nadal Brut Reserva Original.

Linda began by introducing us to Bodegas Nadal, the history of the Corpinnat and how this family has overcome all kinds of adversity and continue with the family business, a thriving business.

Bodegas Nadal began making their sparkling wines in 1943, and in 2015 they joined 5 other prestigious brands (Gramona, Llopart, Recaredo, Sabaté i Coca and, Torelló) and created the Corpinnat label.

Corpinnat means the Heart of the Penedés, and this seal encompasses under its umbrella the sparkling wines made with grapes exclusively from the Penedés, of an exclusive quality. It is such its exclusivity that the word Cava was finally replaced by Corpinnat, in order to differentiate it from the rest of the offer.

The evening was held on the terrace of Ca La Maria, a boutique Hotel located in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample and, proudly, we can say that it was very successful.

A wine tasting, in the form of an informal afterwork where all attendees were at ease and enjoyed a good glass of Nadal Brut Reserva Original.

We would like to highlight some comments from the attendees, the most unexpected and at the same time the one that caught everyone’s attention was a participant defining the color as “a sunrise in California“, which pleased and surprised the rest of the attendees. Others commented on its fruity flavor, how smooth it was and, above all, everyone was delighted with the Corpinnat.

We are very grateful to everyone who participated in this great experience, from Bodegas Nadal for trusting us, to Cowork for using our services to organize the tasting, to Ca La Maria for lending us the space, and to Linda Silva, the sommelier with whom we had the pleasure to count on for the experience.

Thank you all for participating, cheers!


In this blog entry we present 3 establishments, 1 restaurant and 2 hotels that have recently opened their doors and with which we will have the pleasure of working.

If you make a reservation through Barcelona Art of Travel, we can offer you the possibility to book a combination of experiences.

LA Organic Hotel in Mallorca

Discover Sóller and other villages of Mallorca in a sustainable and ecological way, get started in Oleotourism in LA Organic Hotel, do yoga, meditation and teambuilding activities with your team or organize a special event, celebration or wedding in the hotel, we help you!

Discover the history of LA Organic, learn all about its organic products, olive trees and oils and be amazed by the architecture and design of the place, the work of the magnificent architect Phillipe Starck, creative director and co-founder of LA Organic.

If you prefer, you can also stay and do other activities at LA Organic Cottage in Ronda, Malaga. Don’t miss out on this endless number of activities!

Casa Pacha in Formentera

Do you have an event, a wedding and do not know where to celebrate it? Do you want to disconnect from the routine and the city? Casa Pacha Formentera is the new ideal location, just contact us and we will take care of the reservation!

Pacha differs from its party image and creates this new line of hotels where the basis is tranquility and disconnection. Discover them with us.

El Salmonete in Sitges

Book at this seafood restaurant on the beachfront of Sitges along with an experience, such as the Surf Baptism in Sitges and, if you book with us, we invite you to a Corpinnat DO during the meal.


Live an unforgettable experience doing Glamping in the middle of the unique vineyards of Llopart, in Penedés region.

Visit the winery privately and enjoy a unique wine tasting, arrive and settle in your own luxury haima, stroll among the old vineyards and discover new places in the area, and have dinner among the vines along with a tasting of Llopart’s best sparkling wines while watching the sunset.

But this experience does not end here…

After dinner there is a talk about the night sky and the cosmos, followed by an astronomical observation with a telescope, guided by a professional in the sector.

Finally end this experience with a Glamping night, sleeping in your private haima, under the stars in a unique place.

And enjoy an exquisite breakfast among the vineyards.

Don’t miss the opportunity to sleep under the stars surrounded by vineyards on June 5th.

Contact us before June 1st and we will prepare everything for you, so you can live a unique opportunity.


We are very proud for having achieved and to be recognized as a distinguished company with the Barcelona Biosphere Commitment to Tourism Sustainability Badge, and we hope we can soon be a certified company.

Learn more about #Biosphere down below.


The Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI) is an independent organization with an international presence that has been promoting, for more than 20 years, responsible tourism at the international level, helping all stakeholders in the tourism sector to develop a new way of traveling and getting to know our Planet.

It is an affiliate member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and a founding member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

In addition, it has had a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Through the Responsible Tourism System (RTS), the RTI promotes sustainability from a global and inclusive perspective.

Focusing on the measures that the tourism sector should and can take to achieve a sustainable, inclusive tourism that fights climate change.

From Barcelona Art of Travel, we work in continuous improvement offering sustainable routes minimizing the impact through the carbon calculator to be able to offer visitors, congress participants and tourists in general the compensation in the carbon footprint “0”.

The growing emission of greenhouse gases associated with industrial development has caused a complicated situation whose solution is in everyone’s hands.

Not only governments have the capacity to reduce emissions through international commitments, but other levels can also play an important role in mitigating the effects of climate change. For example, in the organization of events.

Knowing in detail the event´s emissions, or any action that is developed, will allow to know the necessary steps to reduce and compensate the impact generated in nature.

Obtaining correct, efficient and realistic calculations will allow us to make decisions that are sustainable with the land to compensate the impact by paying a percentage of the expenditure to social aid companies.


We also have obtained the Safe Travels from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, this seal is the first worldwide approved seal that recognizes companies, entities and destinations that carry out prevention and hygiene actions against COVID-19, with the aim of generating safe spaces for travelers.


At the end of the 19th century, in 1887, a young architect who had never left Barcelona crossed the peninsula to build a textile warehouse in León. His name was Antonio Gaudí, and the building was to become the Casa Botines. In fact, Gaudí received two commissions in León, the construction of a new Episcopal Palace in Astorga (commissioned by his fellow countryman Joan Baptista Grau) and the Casa Botines, in León. The latter is now a museum with a collection of Goya’s Caprichos and paintings by artists such as Sorolla and Ramón Casas, among others. It is possible to visit Gaudí’s rooftop terrace and tower, with a beautiful view of León. It also has a library “Professor César García Álvarez” which consists of about 2000 volumes and specializes in Art History and Museology, as well as having a special collection dedicated to Gaudí.

It currently consists of two exhibitions about Gaudí:

In this link you can learn more about the exhibition:

The curious thing is that, in one of the plans of the building elevation, scale 1:100, which is dated in Barcelona, December 1891, where you can clearly appreciate the idea of the master about the figure that he had planned to place in the future construction, was that the figure of St Jordi. And today it is known that the modeling of the Sant Jordi was done in Barcelona in 1892, by the faithful collaborator of the Catalan architect for many years, Lorenzo Matamala Piñol 1856-1927, modeled by the sculptor himself, while the dragon was taken from one of those that were placed in the buttresses of the Sagrada Familia.

Plans of the building elevation, scale 1:100, which is dated in Barcelona, December 1891, where the master’s idea of the figure he intended to place in the future construction can already be clearly appreciated.

In 1893, 42 years later, it was agreed to repair the stone figure of Sant Jordi, over the main door”, this was not enough in 1952, “the state of decomposition of the stone, with very deep cracks in the parts with the most pronounced relief, the head of the saint and the dragon, arms and legs”. no longer contemplated “the possibility of repair”, it was agreed, without further delay, “to proceed to dismantle the figure of Sant Jordi.

And it was when the sculptural group was dismantled, in December 1952, when it took place the happy discovery of a lead tube containing the only two existing plans of “Casa Botines” plan and elevation signed by the master; several copies of the newspaper “El Campeón” of January and February 1892, with news about the site where Gaudí finally worked; and the famous “acta” of the building, in which the promoters of the work, Mr. Fernández and Mr. Andrés, left detailed record of the schedule of the construction, as well as those responsible for it, in all its facets.

The time had come for the figure of the Catalan patron saint to be placed again on the façade of “Casa Botines”, and as we know from precise testimonies that have come down to us today, collected mostly in the press of the time, the replacement of the Sant Jordi took place between June 2 and 8, 1956, two days before the 30th anniversary of Gaudí’s death.

Figure of Sant Jordi and the dragon on the façade of Casa Botines.

Gaudí already showed, in the plan signed in December 1891, his intention to place the sculptural group of “Sant Jordi and the dragon” on the south or main façade of “Casa Botines”.

Who left that lead pipe inside the statue of St. Jordi? And why, is a mystery that remains unraveled.


Do you want to deepen your knowledge about Antoni Gaudí, the architect of Sagrada Familia and about his life and working method?

After a complicated year for everyone, we return with the batteries charged. Today we are here to present a new project by BarcelonArt of Travel, the Specialized workshop on Antoni Gaudí for official guides.

This course has as its main objective to teach and learn about the beauty of the cultural and artistic heritage of Antoni Gaudí, to discover his working and research methods and to give the importance that the constructions of the architect deserve in Barcelona and surroundings, which are part of the World Heritage list.

This being said, we would like to recommend 6 lectures specialized in the architect, from the “Reial Càtedra de Gaudí”. The books are the following:

Antoni Gaudí. Mi itinerario con el arquitecto” from Juan Matamala Flotats (ESP). This is an extensive work of about 800 pages. The author wanted to leave each of the pages authenticated with a signature and notary stamp. Avoiding repetitions, unifying the narrative style and subtitling the text to facilitate its reading, was the work of condensation and reduction of the original so that readers obtain with all rigor the story of Antoni Gaudí seen by Juan Matamala Flotats and no one else.

La mort de Gaudí i el seu ressò en els diaris i revistes de l’època” from Lluís Bonet i Armengol (CAT).  

La mort de Gaudí i el seu ressò a la revista ‘El Propagador de la devoción a San José’” from Lluís Bonet i Armengol (CAT).

El Senyor Gaudí. Recull d’assaigs: articles” from Joan Bassegoda (CAT).

De la Piedra al Maestro” from Etsuro Sotoo and José Manuel Almuzara (ESP).

Towards the Beatification of Antoni Gaudí” from Juan Manuel González Cremona (ENG).

Tremendously good, these books are written in an impressive way. Popular anecdotes, ecological influence of Gaudí, good architect and bad cook… Sculptor, urban planner and musician, as well as goldsmith, with the illusion of a child building the lamps of Sagrada Familia’s crypt. The Dante of the architecture, the Wagner of the architecture, so they name him in the high spheres of the European society. Such is the effect of this set of books that relate the incredible personality of Antoni Gaudí that will pass with incredible speed in its more than 200 pages each.

Are you an official guide and are you interested in doing the Workshop? Contact us for more information.

Christmas in Barcelona Art of Travel

We are happy to present you our dear friend and official guide Agnès Rodriguez, in a “what a year!” which has put us to the limit, to almost all of us…
In this wish to overcome, to want to do things better, with higher quality and even more care, we had to reinvent ourselves by creating new experiences, visiting exclusive and unique places that make us feel good again.
If you also want these beautiful door draft stoppers, to help make our semi-confinement more comfortable, we can send them to you anywhere you tell us for a small price.

It is our desire that you be happy and at peace.

We wish you have a Happy New Year 2021 !!!

BCN Art Of Travel

Yoga Retiro Relajacion


Do you want to give yourself a moment of peace and tranquility? We offer you a unique and singular experience, to discover an intimate space, where you will give priority to yourself.

This workshop invites you to disconnect and enjoy Yoga in the middle of nature in a conscious way.

We will look for the absence of stress in the calm of the environment, close the eyes, sharpen the sense of hearing, taste, smell and take a deep breath to feel the present and connect. These elements and a meal with a soul will be the ingredients to achieve immediate relaxation, to enjoy the present moment and a Mindfulness session.

We will also work with special topics: how to dissolve negative stress, rediscover inner power, manage your inner states, balance emotions. All through Yoga, Meditation and Reprogramming.

To reconnect with our essence, renew energies, rejuvenate, rest, heal old wounds, regain inner power. A reunion with your interiority, communication, and the dissolution of obstacles that prevent you from carrying out your projects.

Personalized counseling with Emotional Correction.

Coordinated by: Eleonora Rozitchner Hatha Yoga Teacher at xz2yoga Social Psychologist and Body Therapist, Meditation Instructor and Psycho Bioenergetic Coaching. Author of several books.

Dates: Sunday, August 9, 16, 23 and 30 at 10:00 Am Duration: 8 hours and a half.

What makes this activity unique and special?

We will have the opportunity to be learning first hand from Eleonora and you will also experience a great inner discovery, peace and stability and you will get resources to feel good.

What does the price of the activity include?

This workshop includes a Hatha Yoga session to improve our postures, harmonize body and mind, give us security and tranquility in a natural environment, enjoying a vegetarian meal. Meditation and Reprogramming through Emotional Correction.

A Coffe break (Water, juices and fruit)
A meal (Vegetarian place TBC)
Possibility to perform a Bioenergetic Massage. (On request)


10:00 hr. Meeting at the rural hotel. Opening and Presentation.

10:15 hr. Introduction and practice of Hatha Yoga,

11:30 hr. Coffee break Natural juices and tea.

12 hr. at 1:30 p.m. Inner Energy Reunion Workshop through Hata Yoga. Outdoor meditation and meditative walking.

13.30 hr. Pause for vegetarian food (included in the price).

14:30 hr. Free time to walk, rest.

15:30 hr. at 6:30 p.m. Deepening, Meditation and Reprogramming Workshop.

Yoga and Meditation, meditative walking, Plans and Personal Mission.

Duration: Option of one or two days.

Price per person 80 euros VAT included

Which does not include:

Accommodation option in the cottage not included.

Extra drinks.



In case you have your own Yoga mat, comfortable clothes, swimsuit, swimming cap, flip flops and a lot of desire to have fun, rest, share and enjoy.

We have mats.

Includes the price per person a stay in Hotel i workshop and food.

Price per person SATURDAY NIGHT:

DOUBLE SINGLE USE: 271 € / person VAT included
DOUBLE: 284 € / person VAT included

Tourist tax not included (0.50 € / night / person, over 17 years).

Access to the heated outdoor pool.

Which does not include:

Extra drinks.


This session will be broadcast online



Hotel Termnea Victòria Spa

C / Barcelona nº 12

08140 – Caldes de Montbui

Getaway in Barcelona, Concierge Services and Corporate Christmas

We are reaching the end of 2020 and it has been a different year than expected. BarcelonArt of Travel and Aurum Experience is pleased to offer you some of our new services: NEW EXPERIENCE Visit the Sagrada Familia or other religious sites in Catalonia followed by a liturgical ceremony Do you want your association, university, or company to make a private visit to the most precious religious places in Catalonia? PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION Due to the Covid situation, we are pleased to offer you a virtual visit to the Sagrada Familia.
We can offer you daily assistance for both business and personal purposes. From making appointments, scheduling daily tasks, running errands … personal shopping, travel arrangements, housekeeping, reservations, and other personal tasks. Please contact us for more information.
Make a difference this year and buy local Km0 products and experiences to help small businesses through these tough times. Please contact us and we will recommend the best options for your clients or employees.
Dream in a 5 * Hotel Great luxury. Enjoy a visit to La Pedrera Secreta, or to the Picasso Museum accompanied by an official guide. Savor a private cava, wine, or whiskey tasting and dinner in the private one of a hidden restaurant. BarcelonArt of Travel Quality Tourism Enjoy your own city. Wanting to get away in your city? Madrid or Barcelona CONTACT US! PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, best regards,