We propose a special concert by Beth Rodergas and a visit to the Abadal Winery, in Pla de Bages, on Saturday June 11 at 18:00.

Join us to live a different night dedicated to us, women.

The proposal includes:

Pica pica among vineyards
Gourmet Winery Visit
Live concert by Beth
Hotel night at Mt St Benet (Optional) Bed and breakfast in a double room for single use.
DUI: 182€ / DOUBLE: 197€.

Optional the next day: Visit to Mn St Benet Monastery with official guide 12€

93€ tax incl.

Reservations here or at +34 695 211963 or mail


As we like to offer different experiences, lived in first person, with the BarcelonArt of Travel team we toured the magnificent and historic Toledo. Just half an hour by train from Madrid, we find this beautiful city that crosses the Tagus River with a solemnity worthy of a queen.

Further on, on a hill, stands a walled site from the time of the Romans, Visigoths, Arabs, Jews and Catholics. It was right here where the Catholic Monarchs left their mark and the royal visits their unwavering pace. From the empress of the French, the wife of Napoleon III, to the Spanish Eugenia de Montijo who came incognito in 1863.

The Santa Catedral Primada stands out in a Toledo that was the capital of the empire of Carlos I and its decline when Felipe II made Madrid the new capital.

Its religious center is still strong with a variety of convents and monasteries, an interesting source of history, art, architecture and customs that struggle through time not to get lost.

We insist on this magnificent city because it protects a rich heritage that houses from a Cathedral, where you can admire paintings by the Renaissance El Greco, a fortress that the Arabs called “Al Qasar” (fortress) and even a historic center surrounded by an old wall.

Toledo is all that is needed to carry out a conscious slow tourism and for you to discover the capital of this Community of Castilla La Mancha as the main setting for Don Quixote by Don Miguel de Cervantes from the SXII.

You will be able to see and live all its cultural offer, try its gastronomy and spend the night in one of its hotels. There are also rural houses… even a boutique hotel with a restaurant where Paco de Lucía lived.

We invite you to experience a getaway through a nerve center of art, culture, religion and collusion by ecclesiastical, civil and military power. We invite you to live a quality experience in Toledo because we are official guides, licensed in art, tourism, history, architecture and above all, vocational premium quality service.

Possible itinerary:

Pick up with a private driver at the hotel or we recommend going with the AVE high-speed train in just 30 minutes from the center to the center.
09:00 AM Get off the car next to the Alcázar. Capuchin Hill
There your private guide Anthony awaits you and at your own pace: Cathedral, Synagogue, Santo Tomé (Burial of the Lord of Orgaz) Medieval Church and San Juan de los Reyes in the Jewish Quarter.
1:30 PM Lunch in Toledo Options suggested by the local guide.

Reservations here!

April 10 to 17, 2022 | EASTER MYSTIC WEEK

From BarcelonArt Of Travel we prepare the best proposals to enjoy alone, as a couple or as a family.

Our city and the surrounding areas have a lot of mystique, history and beauty to discover. Let’s embark on this path together with proposals such as:

religious routes


Tour and exclusive entrance to the Basilica de la Merced, the Catedral del Mar, the Barcelona Cathedral and the Church of Sant Felip Neri, to enter with an official guide, who will accompany you through these magnificent Gothic, Neo-Gothic and Baroque buildings full of a wonderful historical universe. BOOKINGS: CLICK HERE

San Antoni, La Concepción, La Boqueria. Gastronomy and history

Markets provide citizens with a quality of life as promoters of a healthy and balanced diet. And they are also a reflection of the history of the city. Visit the most representative markets of the city and discover the most curious stories and anecdotes, told by a guide who knows the secrets hidden in the walls of these monuments. BOOKINGS: CLICK HERE

From Fraga to Lleida, El Palau d’Anglesola, Cervera, Igualada, Montserrat and Manresa

Pilgrimage route that recreates the one carried out by Saint Ignatius of Loyola on foot in 1522, from the town of Loyola, in the Basque Country, to the Cave of Manresa, one of the most important points in the life of the Jesuit, where he experienced a strong spiritual experience. The tour lasts a minimum of 3 hours walking through 7 of the 27 stages that are in Catalonia. BOOKINGS: CLICK HERE

To see the more than thirty proposals that we have to offer, such as a day of spa and relaxation, wellness experiences, a helicopter trip through a private winery, exclusive dinners and/or lunches or personalized itineraries to suit the client, we invite you to enter :


Last Tuesday, March 22, we were at the Círculo Ecuestre in Barcelona where the book ‘From the stone to the teacher’, by the architect and writer José Manuel Almuzara and the contribution of the Japanese sculptor Esturo Sottoo, was presented.

With his usual calm, José Manuel made the presentation with tremendous eloquence and sense of humor, reasons why the audience did not want to leave the room and exclaimed to extend the event of this architect for whom we have a great admiration.

The selected site was key. The Círculo Ecuestre is a social club that competes with the most select members only from around the world to give shelter to culture, art and music.

In this pleasant atmosphere, Almuzara spoke about Gaudí. At 27 years old, he lost his mother and his 4 brothers. He fell in love with Pepita Moreno but the love was not reciprocated.

Incomprehensibly his temple (door of the rosary) of the crypt of the Sagrada Familia was attacked by members of his family and they destroyed the sculptures that Esturo Sottoo rebuilt.

Gaudí worked on the basilica from 1883 to 1926 and the first stone of it was that of the crypt of the Virgin Mary, which joins as two equidistant points towards the sky and the famous star of the tower of the Virgin.

Everything is designed to the millimeter, just as Antoni Gaudí wanted, just above the vertical of this beautiful insignia that joins 12 ribs of the vault, emulating the 12 apostles.

On June 10, this genius with 7 buildings as World Heritage Sites, will be 170 years old and we will all be together again. From the architect David Agulló to Yoko Suzuki who always delights us with two of her pieces on her piano, composed by herself.


Everything has gone very well. Both the guide and the photographer have been perfect, and the plan to make the visit dressed in period clothes has been perfect“, were the warm words of this family who experienced the experience of touring the residential area of ​​Tibidabo Avenue, hand in hand with our specialized team.

We begin in the now Hotel Mirlo, a house that in the novel “The Shadow of the Wind”, by Ruiz Zafón, is known as Torre Aldaya. Bright and spotless, it is an establishment where discreet luxury translates into a careful restoration of its original ornamental elements.

After marveling at a fictional introduction and pure period architectural charm, we continue with the tour of the modernist mansions and all the secrets that this wonderful part of the city hides.

Our clients also had the exclusive entrance to the “Monestir de Valldoncella”, a modernist cultural heritage worthy of being appreciated on this experiential route.

A little history…

At the end of the 19th century, a visionary successful pharmaceutical businessman, Dr. Salvadro Andreu i Grau, wanted to create a garden city in Tibidabo, a residential area where the bourgeois people of Barcelona would spend their summers. His tenacity was key to the urbanization of its hillside and to overcome the unevenness of the mountain, he devised the construction of the disappeared blau tram and a funicular that would go up to the top of the Sacred Heart on Tibidabo.

Do you want to live this unique experience?

We offer you a route guided by experts in history. From the Torre Andreu through the Casa Muntades de Puig i Cadafalch, a fantastic modernist garden house inspired by the Catalan baroque that gives it the character of a rural farmhouse, until reaching the top of Tibidabo.

We begin in Plaza Kennedy, with its history and the building of La Rotonda, whose real name is La Torre Andreu, built in 1906 by Adolf Ruiz i Casaimtjana, later reformed by Enric Sagnier, who commissioned the mosaic tower from the artist LLuis Bru. These sectors belong to the “Modernism Route” that includes more than a hundred years of buildings in Barcelona.

We finish this tour with a lot of history in the Collserola park, which has famous and spectacular views of Barcelona.

Consult and book experience

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Last May 27th we organized together with Bodegas Nadal a wine tasting organized for the companies of Rambla Catalunya Cowork, in Barcelona, always trying to keep the necessary precautions of COVID19. We were fortunate to have the sommelier Linda Silva. In this tasting we were able to taste one of their best Corpinnat quality sparkling wines: Nadal Brut Reserva Original.

Linda began by introducing us to Bodegas Nadal, the history of the Corpinnat and how this family has overcome all kinds of adversity and continue with the family business, a thriving business.

Bodegas Nadal began making their sparkling wines in 1943, and in 2015 they joined 5 other prestigious brands (Gramona, Llopart, Recaredo, Sabaté i Coca and, Torelló) and created the Corpinnat label.

Corpinnat means the Heart of the Penedés, and this seal encompasses under its umbrella the sparkling wines made with grapes exclusively from the Penedés, of an exclusive quality. It is such its exclusivity that the word Cava was finally replaced by Corpinnat, in order to differentiate it from the rest of the offer.

The evening was held on the terrace of Ca La Maria, a boutique Hotel located in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample and, proudly, we can say that it was very successful.

A wine tasting, in the form of an informal afterwork where all attendees were at ease and enjoyed a good glass of Nadal Brut Reserva Original.

We would like to highlight some comments from the attendees, the most unexpected and at the same time the one that caught everyone’s attention was a participant defining the color as “a sunrise in California“, which pleased and surprised the rest of the attendees. Others commented on its fruity flavor, how smooth it was and, above all, everyone was delighted with the Corpinnat.

We are very grateful to everyone who participated in this great experience, from Bodegas Nadal for trusting us, to Cowork for using our services to organize the tasting, to Ca La Maria for lending us the space, and to Linda Silva, the sommelier with whom we had the pleasure to count on for the experience.

Thank you all for participating, cheers!


In this blog entry we present 3 establishments, 1 restaurant and 2 hotels that have recently opened their doors and with which we will have the pleasure of working.

If you make a reservation through Barcelona Art of Travel, we can offer you the possibility to book a combination of experiences.

LA Organic Hotel in Mallorca

Discover Sóller and other villages of Mallorca in a sustainable and ecological way, get started in Oleotourism in LA Organic Hotel, do yoga, meditation and teambuilding activities with your team or organize a special event, celebration or wedding in the hotel, we help you!

Discover the history of LA Organic, learn all about its organic products, olive trees and oils and be amazed by the architecture and design of the place, the work of the magnificent architect Phillipe Starck, creative director and co-founder of LA Organic.

If you prefer, you can also stay and do other activities at LA Organic Cottage in Ronda, Malaga. Don’t miss out on this endless number of activities!

Casa Pacha in Formentera

Do you have an event, a wedding and do not know where to celebrate it? Do you want to disconnect from the routine and the city? Casa Pacha Formentera is the new ideal location, just contact us and we will take care of the reservation!

Pacha differs from its party image and creates this new line of hotels where the basis is tranquility and disconnection. Discover them with us.

El Salmonete in Sitges

Book at this seafood restaurant on the beachfront of Sitges along with an experience, such as the Surf Baptism in Sitges and, if you book with us, we invite you to a Corpinnat DO during the meal.


Live an unforgettable experience doing Glamping in the middle of the unique vineyards of Llopart, in Penedés region.

Visit the winery privately and enjoy a unique wine tasting, arrive and settle in your own luxury haima, stroll among the old vineyards and discover new places in the area, and have dinner among the vines along with a tasting of Llopart’s best sparkling wines while watching the sunset.

But this experience does not end here…

After dinner there is a talk about the night sky and the cosmos, followed by an astronomical observation with a telescope, guided by a professional in the sector.

Finally end this experience with a Glamping night, sleeping in your private haima, under the stars in a unique place.

And enjoy an exquisite breakfast among the vineyards.

Don’t miss the opportunity to sleep under the stars surrounded by vineyards on June 5th.

Contact us before June 1st and we will prepare everything for you, so you can live a unique opportunity.


We are very proud for having achieved and to be recognized as a distinguished company with the Barcelona Biosphere Commitment to Tourism Sustainability Badge, and we hope we can soon be a certified company.

Learn more about #Biosphere down below.


The Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI) is an independent organization with an international presence that has been promoting, for more than 20 years, responsible tourism at the international level, helping all stakeholders in the tourism sector to develop a new way of traveling and getting to know our Planet.

It is an affiliate member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and a founding member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

In addition, it has had a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Through the Responsible Tourism System (RTS), the RTI promotes sustainability from a global and inclusive perspective.

Focusing on the measures that the tourism sector should and can take to achieve a sustainable, inclusive tourism that fights climate change.

From Barcelona Art of Travel, we work in continuous improvement offering sustainable routes minimizing the impact through the carbon calculator to be able to offer visitors, congress participants and tourists in general the compensation in the carbon footprint “0”.

The growing emission of greenhouse gases associated with industrial development has caused a complicated situation whose solution is in everyone’s hands.

Not only governments have the capacity to reduce emissions through international commitments, but other levels can also play an important role in mitigating the effects of climate change. For example, in the organization of events.

Knowing in detail the event´s emissions, or any action that is developed, will allow to know the necessary steps to reduce and compensate the impact generated in nature.

Obtaining correct, efficient and realistic calculations will allow us to make decisions that are sustainable with the land to compensate the impact by paying a percentage of the expenditure to social aid companies.


We also have obtained the Safe Travels from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, this seal is the first worldwide approved seal that recognizes companies, entities and destinations that carry out prevention and hygiene actions against COVID-19, with the aim of generating safe spaces for travelers.