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BarcelonArt of Travel, would help you to create your dream and turn it into a reality. We create a wide-range of experiences upon request as well a tailor made package, that surely will appeal our guest interests.


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Enrich your travel experience with a local guide and maximize your time. Discover secret gems and unique places in the city.

BarcelonArt of Travel, the art of traveling.


The first travel agency with routes outside the classic tours; places and experiences according to the tastes and wishes of each traveller.
Bespoke leisure Tourism and emerging unique destinations… any place that requires a trip with special planning, BarcelonArt of Travel brings it to you.


Before our European Management Meeting, we needed an exclusive and top quality venue.

Montse of BarcelonArt of Travel found it. The whole group was delighted by the event.

A great great night. Thank you!

Hi Montse, just wanted to tell you everything was execeptional. Anaís is super an the experience was great. Our town house was also really cute. Anna was lovely! If we ever come back we surely will repeat! And thank you for managing everything!!

First of all, thank you very much for your good service and spectacular organization and attention.
You have done a great job! For me, the experience has been fantastic and I have transmitted it to the executives and people in charge of Villeroy … As for the visit to the Sagrada Familia and other places, only I can have good words and thanks to all those who have succeeded in organizing it so well. It is not easy to coordinate so many people and that everything happens fantastic in time and form.
I usually go to Barcelona and I know it pretty well, but the experience has been fabulous.
Thank you very much Montse,

I liked it a lot. The Save Know application is very interesting and useful for future routes.
I find that the Save Know app works well and it is a great help for the whole group that has the experience.
I found it all great. Thank you very much for the visit! It was awesome! Irene Front Desk Abac Hotel & Claudio Heldt Hotel Mandarin Oriental

An Amazin evening!
Many thanks, Montse!

It was a grat experience.

Nice to meet you all!!!

Yesterday was amazing! Wonderful event, thanks Montse! amazing people! To be repeated!

For those who like to keep in touch.

Amazing day an experience!!!

Thanks very much Montse!!!

Waiting for the next!

We love the program that Montse has arranged and have started planning and strategizing which activities will suit which type of clients.  It is really interesting to experience Barcelona by sea, air, on 2 wheels, 4 wheels, on foot and tomorrow by speed train. What an amazing way!

And of course, the tapas, churros, cava, sparkling wine, cheese, paella, ‘The bikini’, chocolates and excited to find out more today on more local food and tomorrow in Girona.

Barcelona is so rich with history and architecture and we are so happy we spend 7 days here although it is still not enough.

Thank you David, Taahira for the hospitality and all arrangements.

Thanks to Montse and Nuria for the amazing bespoke itinerary.

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