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BarcelonArt Of Travel, will help you create your dream and make it come true. We create a wide range of on-demand experiences, as well as a bespoke package, which is sure to appeal to your interests.

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Discover Catalonia and Spain with our guided tours: an unforgettable journey between history, culture and captivating landscapes.

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Our proposal: Enrich your travel experience with a local guide and maximize your time. Discover secret gems and unique places in the city.

The first travel agency with routes outside the classic routes; Places and experiences according to the tastes and desires of each traveler. BarcelonArt of Travel brings it to you: Tailor-made leisure tourism and unique emerging destinations… Any place that requires a trip with special planning.

BarcelonArt of Travel, the art of travelling.

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Barcelona Art of Travel is a luxury travel agency specialising in unique and unforgettable routes and destinations. With professional guides and rigorous descriptions, Barcelona Art of Travel offers a cultural, ecological, historical and artistic tourism option, as interesting as it is attractive… and, above all, different.

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Barcelona Art of Travel: Where each testimony tells the unforgettable story of a unique experience in this captivating city.

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