Agnes, Anaïs, Bernat and Victor, besides guides, top professionals and experts in their field.

You will be captivated by the way they communicate their work and love the depth from which they speak about their subject.

There is a great symbology that deserves the attention engraved on the elements Stone, wood, earth… where do they get so much wisdom?

We are a team of collaborators passionate about our work. We want to offer you the absolute best quality multi-sensory experience. Human factor and professionalism in our team are key for building long-term relationships with our partners and valued customers. Our best reward is the recognition of individuals and companies for our well-done work and of course with the help from Nuria Bárbara Pujol, with her premium transports and concierge services and the Estudi Quim Durán, in charge of the art and design direction of BarcelonArt of Travel.


  1. Tell us about yourself, your tastes and passions.
  2. We respond with a roadmap adapted to your needs.
  3. A local guide will wait to take you by the hand with all confidence and security for the most private and less touristy places.
  4. Each route has its own rate, but if you need something private and personalize tell us and we will work on it.