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Barcelona Art of Travel is a luxury travel agency specialising in unique and unforgettable routes and destinations. With professional guides and rigorous descriptions, Barcelona Art of Travel offers a cultural, ecological, historical and artistic tourism option, as interesting as it is attractive… and, above all, different. These are journeys in which the participant will discover unpublished aspects of the place, space or event that is visited, which will remain as a special memory of the knowledge and experiences that will have been lived.

Salvador Dalí, a genius madman. His life, his work, his house… and their eccentricities.
Antoni Gaudí, the poet of stones and shapes. Creative modesty.
A thousand years of wines. Vines, soil, bunches, pressing, resting, bottle and cup.
Modernism. Ceramics, iron and bricks dance.

Where every moment is a masterpiece

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Our Mission

Barcelona Art of Travel © is the first travel project agency outside of classic tours; with places and experiences according to the wishes of each traveler. We have experiences that surprise even a local person.

We offer themed, unusual, emerging destinations… Any place that requires a trip with special planning, Barcelona Art of Travel©, puts it at your fingertips. In Barcelona and Catalonia and, by extension, in the South of France, we offer high quality tourist services with professional guides. We take into account new technologies through the application of digital media that help the end consumer to communicate “the Travel Planning” or roadmap, more easily.

All this while guaranteeing the highest quality and efficiency in all our experiences, within a framework of sustainability.

Our Vision

We want to be your specialist in Travel and experiences in Barcelona, Catalonia and the South of France. Carrying out inclusive tourism for all areas of society.

Accessible to all audiences who want to get off the beaten track. The vision of Barcelona Art of Travel© is to offer a tailor-made service for Cultural, Oenological, Religious, Family and Nature Tourism… sustainable across the board.

We want to offer professional and expert help in all tourist services, taking advantage of our knowledge, our location and thus contributing to the improvement and promotion of local businesses fleeing from globalization and massification.

Barcelona Art of Travel© continues with its firm commitment to its Social and Corporate Responsibility program.


Our agency transmits values to clients and suppliers, who cannot remain oblivious to the promotion of equal opportunities for all people. This is established by laws such as Organic Law 3/2007, of 22 March, for the effective equality of women and men. We hire people, regardless of race, gender, or religion.

We raise awareness among our customers on all our routes about the values of conservation and respect for the environment.

On the other hand, when making alternative routes to the usual ones, the perceived physical load capacity in the environment is lower, which helps to revitalize certain rural areas, by contracting services in rural farmhouses and local restaurants typical of the place. Helping to minimise the impact on the environment.

Barcelona Art of Travel© is and will continue to be in a process of continuous improvement. Our creative team develops the best offers to improve the service we provide to the visitor and technological innovation through new technologies for the consumer.

To look for the options best adapted to the needs of our customers through a prospecting trip to suppliers.

We are committed to adequate and stable labour relations within the framework of equal opportunities.

We encourage the development of our official guides and collaborators, through training and teamwork.

Through honest, dignified and ethical behavior, which generates trust in our company based on the transparency in management and communication that we transmit to our stakeholders.

To communicate and inform in a sincere and truthful way the details of each experience, generating trust, credibility and reputation against the visitor.

applicable as far as Package Holidays are concerned.

We boost tourism and culture in different destinations and companies through our promotion.

Face difficulties by turning them into opportunities and challenges for growth.

All our information and communication is truthful, direct and clear.

It helps us to relate to each other and understand the positioning of our suppliers and customers to act in a more united way and through understanding, find solutions.

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Barcelona Art of Travel: Where each testimony tells the unforgettable story of a unique experience in this captivating city.

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We have received recognition from many of our suppliers and are constantly engaged with our network to ensure we maintain the best relationships. We are members of the Catalunya Convention Bureau and also of the Catalan Premium Tourism Agency.