‘From the stone to the master’, by the architect José Manuel Almuzara

Last Tuesday, March 22nd, we were at the Equestrian Circle in Barcelona where the book ‘From the stone to the master’, by the architect and writer José Manuel Almuzara and the contribution of the Japanese sculptor Esturo Sottoo, were presented.

With his usual calmness, José Manuel made the presentation with tremendous eloquence and a sense of humor, reasons why the audience did not want to leave the room and exclaimed to extend the event a little more by this architect for whom we have great admiration.

The selected site was key. The Equestrian Circle is a social club that competes with the most select members from all over the world to provide shelter for culture, art and music.

In this pleasant atmosphere, Almuzara spoke about Gaudí. At the age of 27, he lost his mother and 4 siblings. He fell in love with Pepita Moreno but the love was not reciprocated.

Incomprehensibly, his temple (rosary door) in the crypt of the Holy Family was attacked by members of his family and the sculptures reconstructed by Esturo Sottoo were vandalized.

Gaudí worked on the basilica from 1883 to 1926 and its first stone was that of the crypt of the Virgin Mary, which joins as two equidistant points towards the sky and the famous star of the tower of the Virgin.

Everything is designed to the millimetre, just as Antoni Gaudí wanted, just above the vertical of this beautiful insignia that joins 12 ribs of the vault, emulating the 12 apostles.

On June 10th, this genius with 7 buildings as World Heritage Sites, will be 170 years old and we will all be together again. From the architect David Agulló to Yoko Suzuki who always delights us with two of her piano pieces, composed by herself.