Do you want to deepen your knowledge about Antoni Gaudí, the architect of Sagrada Familia and about his life and working method?

After a complicated year for everyone, we return with the batteries charged. Today we are here to present a new project by BarcelonArt of Travel, the Specialized workshop on Antoni Gaudí for official guides.

This course has as its main objective to teach and learn about the beauty of the cultural and artistic heritage of Antoni Gaudí, to discover his working and research methods and to give the importance that the constructions of the architect deserve in Barcelona and surroundings, which are part of the World Heritage list.

This being said, we would like to recommend 6 lectures specialized in the architect, from the “Reial Càtedra de Gaudí”. The books are the following:

Antoni Gaudí. Mi itinerario con el arquitecto” from Juan Matamala Flotats (ESP). This is an extensive work of about 800 pages. The author wanted to leave each of the pages authenticated with a signature and notary stamp. Avoiding repetitions, unifying the narrative style and subtitling the text to facilitate its reading, was the work of condensation and reduction of the original so that readers obtain with all rigor the story of Antoni Gaudí seen by Juan Matamala Flotats and no one else.

La mort de Gaudí i el seu ressò en els diaris i revistes de l’època” from Lluís Bonet i Armengol (CAT).  

La mort de Gaudí i el seu ressò a la revista ‘El Propagador de la devoción a San José’” from Lluís Bonet i Armengol (CAT).

El Senyor Gaudí. Recull d’assaigs: articles” from Joan Bassegoda (CAT).

De la Piedra al Maestro” from Etsuro Sotoo and José Manuel Almuzara (ESP).

Towards the Beatification of Antoni Gaudí” from Juan Manuel González Cremona (ENG).

Tremendously good, these books are written in an impressive way. Popular anecdotes, ecological influence of Gaudí, good architect and bad cook… Sculptor, urban planner and musician, as well as goldsmith, with the illusion of a child building the lamps of Sagrada Familia’s crypt. The Dante of the architecture, the Wagner of the architecture, so they name him in the high spheres of the European society. Such is the effect of this set of books that relate the incredible personality of Antoni Gaudí that will pass with incredible speed in its more than 200 pages each.

Are you an official guide and are you interested in doing the Workshop? Contact us for more information.