Toledo, a perfect cultural and gastronomic getaway

As we like to offer different experiences, and lived in first person, with the BarcelonArt of Travel team we toured the magnificent and historic Toledo. Just half an hour by train from Madrid, we find this beautiful city that crosses the Tagus River with a solemnity worthy of a queen.

Beyond, on a hill, stands a walled site from the time of the Romans, Visigoths, Arabs, Jews and Catholics. It was here that the Catholic Monarchs left their mark and the royal visits their unwavering pace. From the Empress of the French, the wife of Napoleon III, to the Spaniard Eugenia de Montijo who came incognito in 1863.

The Holy Primate Cathedral stands out in a Toledo that was the capital of the empire of Charles I and its decline when Philip II made Madrid the new capital.

Its religious center is still strong with a variety of convents and monasteries, an interesting source of history, art, architecture and customs that struggle through time not to be lost.

We insist on this magnificent city because it protects a wealth of heritage that houses from a Cathedral, where you can admire paintings by the Renaissance El Greco, a fortress that the Arabs called “Al Qasar” (fortress) and even a historic center surrounded by an old wall.

Toledo is all that is needed for conscious slow tourism and for you to discover the capital of this Community of Castilla La Mancha as the main setting for Don Quixote by Don Miguel de Cervantes of the 12th century.

You will be able to see and experience all its cultural offerings, taste its gastronomy and spend the night in one of its hotels. There are also cottages… even a boutique hotel with a restaurant where Paco de Lucía lived.

We invite you to experience a getaway through a nerve center of art, culture, religion and conspiracies for ecclesiastical, civil and military power. We invite you to live a quality experience in Toledo because we are official guides, graduates in art, tourism, history, architecture and above all, vocational of quality premium service.

Suggested Itinerary:


Pick up with a private driver at the hotel or we advise you to go with the AVE high-speed train in just 30 minutes from center to center.

09:00 AM I undrive next to the Alcazar. Cuesta de los Capuchins

There your private guide Anthony awaits you and at your own pace: Cathedral, Synagogue, Santo Tomé (Burial of the Lord of Orgaz) Medieval Church and San Juan de los Reyes in the Jewish Quarter.

1:30 PM Lunch in Toledo Options suggested by the local guide.