Montserrat and its hermits

Ricard Fernandez knows everything: Theology, Philosophy, History, Art, he is a geologist by profession, and a mid-mountain guide by vocation. He is an expert who knows more than 100 paths, species of botany and fauna, in these magical and sacred mountains at the same time, he guides us through a path that runs parallel to the rock, on some occasions, even with a certain vertigo, but we safely advance, while he tells us the stories of the 12 hermitages, which later became 13, of its hermits (actually conservators of the natural space and its springs) and how they were destroyed in 1812.

Montserrat is nature, culture and spirituality. A unique space with the Sanctuary of the Virgin, a Benedictine monastery. It was founded in the year 1025, in the 11th century, and was completely rebuilt in the 19th century (year 1811) after the destruction in the War of Independence.

It is said that Saint Ignasi of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, took a detour to visit the monastery of Montserrat on his way to the Holy Land. This pilgrimage at the time granted full indulgence to pilgrims who visited all the hermitages. Today it can be done on several excursions a day. While in the distance you can hear the bells of the Escolania (Escolania Choir). One of the oldest institutions of its kind in Europe.

We offer this private experience, combined with entrance to the basilica and museum. Coinciding with the Escolania that sings twice a day at 12:00hrs. and at 7:00 p.m.

Of all that the mountain of Montserrat offers us, I am left with the challenge of climbing it, the patience and tenacity to climb it and the wisdom and patience of our guide who, with his great experience as an excellent guide, gives us the security of stepping firmly and being guided in absolute tranquility. Thank you Ricard Fernandez.

Montserrat Nature, Culture & Spirituality