The Single Table Restaurant is a unique and singular experience: an intimate space (where there is only a single table outside) and unites the benefits of being in the middle of a forest with a healthy, creative and personalized meal that our chef and guide creates for each occasion.

The single-table restaurant invites you to disconnect from the autopilot and enjoy nature in a conscious way, walking and tasting. The absence of stress, the calmness of the environment, closing your eyes, refining your sense of hearing, taste, smell and breathing deeply to feel the present and connect with all your senses. These elements and a meal with soul are the ingredients for immediate relaxation and enjoyment.

The experience begins with a walk through a lush forest where you will have the opportunity to contemplate more than 13 different species among trees and shrubs: oaks, holm oaks, cork oaks, all of which produce relaxing effects that will prepare you for the meal that will follow. The walk will take you to a clearing in the middle of the forest where you will taste a vegetarian meal made especially for you. Creative dishes always made with plants and wild flowers and with organic, local and seasonal ingredients.

It is an excellent surprise gift and an original dynamic for business groups.

Vegetarian cuisine, delicious and creative, always with ingredients from their permaculture garden, organic or local and of course seasonal.

The One-Table Restaurant is a different experience at noon at night, autumn and in any of the four seasons, as a couple or group, as a surprise gift or as a business group dynamic. The benefits are the same, but the sensations are always genuine.

It is an excellent surprise gift and an original dynamic for business groups.

Live this unique culinary experience!


Starter (wild leaf with cheese and wildflower)

First (e.g. salad or vegetable soup)

Second course (zucchini roll with a touch of wild herb pesto, stuffed with legumes and accompanied by tomatoes from the garden)

Dessert (apple pie or chocolate cake)

Infusion or coffee

Drinks included: water and organic wine

All the ingredients are organic and most of them are wild flowers and plants)


One-table Restaurant Experience: a sensory walk, exercises to activate the senses and a vegetarian meal prepared especially for the occasion.

Private guide and cook.

A private tour guide means exclusivity just for you. Not shared with other guests.

Insurance, therapeutic forest guide and private cook. Food and drinks included.


Transportation from the pick-up and drop-off point



From up to activity
09:30 12.00 Welcome and introduction. *Optional Forest Bathing.
12.00 12.10 Explanatory preparation of the experience
12.30 Sensory walk with some familiarization exercise in the forest
13.00 15:20 Lunch
15.20 15.30 Closing of the experience

* The duration of forest bathing is always approximately 2:30h, depending on the participants it can be extended or shortened by about 20 minutes.

Price: On request


The duration of the One Table Restaurant is approximately 3:30h.

Minimum number of participants: 2 pax and maximum 14-16 pax.

The activity will take place in Girona or Barcelona.

The images and videos of the experiences can be used on social networks, websites, newsletters and posters for BarcelonArt of Travel.

Whenever photographs or videos are taken, participants will be given an authorisation form for the rights to use data by BarcelonArt of Travel.


Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday from 10.00 a.m. at 8.00 p.m. m.

October: March 10.00 a.m. at 6.00 p.m. m.

From April to September from 10.00 a.m. at 8.00 p.m. m.

* In the event that a group wants to start earlier or later, the schedule can be adjusted

Booking possibilities for experience dates:

The experiences will be open all year round.

At the client’s request, the reservation will be made according to the availability of BarcelonArt of Travel agenda.

This tour is only upon request.

Cancellation of the booking by the client

  • 1 week before 100% refund of the reservation
  • Less than a week before 75% refund of the reservation.

It reserves the right to suspend or modify the activity when weather and safety conditions require it. In the event of a weather experience, the client has the option to:

  • Valid for the next 6 months
  • 100% return on money

Once you have made your reservation, you will receive a document with weather information to prevent any type of weather incident.

This offer is exclusive and upon request to BarcelonArt of Travel ©.

Prices for larger groups on request.

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