Zaragoza City Council celebrates the Ibero-American Festival of Sustainable Culture and Gastronomy

How official guide of Aragon and Catalonia, He couldn’t miss this event that he wants to highlight Culture, Gastronomy and Sustainability, to get closer to Ibero-American cultures, integrated in such a way into our society, since they are participants in a business fabric strongly rooted in our own culture.

This is how the Mayor of Zaragoza, Mrs. Natalia Chueca, wanted to see it, and together with the Zaragoza Tourism Manager Sr. José Francisco García, have inaugurated this magnificent activity which, despite being multitudinous, has a sustainable character, promoting the optimisation of food waste, the reduction of the carbon footprint and the consumption of km 0 products. On the wide Paseo de San Sebastián and surrounded by trees in the Gran Parque de Zaragoza we find more than 35 stalls to enjoy gastronomy and art from Monday to Thursday.

Small businesses within everyone’s reach, to bring us closer to the culture of Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay and Cuba. Congratulations Zaragoza City Council, as always you surprise us with cultural proposals like this one. Enjoy!