This activity will shake the members of the group to get the positive out of each one, helping them to leave the comfort zone, the rigidity in which they have had to face, freeing them from tensions and giving them the opportunity to click on the motivational point in which they are, as well as identify their best strengths.

In a first level or phase, the expert will instruct them with the necessary tools and concepts about the main challenge around which the activity revolves, and then in a second phase to put it all into practice by organizing the teams, preparing the boat and rowing, seeking to enhance the group cohesion of the teams and the personal growth of each of the participants.

Finishing the experience with a meal served in a private exclusive with the same Coach who will energize the group, ending this experience with a golden brooch.

This team building we offer is an activity designed for work teams with the aim of helping to integrate and lead the members of a team, in an activity at sea through the sport of rowing:
The values we will work on are:



  1. Introduction to the sport of rowing.
  2. Practice with the ergometer.
  3. Initiation to the basic technique, coordination and postural control.
  4. Introduction to rowing by means of rowing simulators.
  5. Rowing in Catalan Llagut.
    5.1 First technical part.
    5.2 Second part competition between the two boats or in case of being one, two time trials are made with the aim of beating the time of the first.
  6. Exit from the water and analysis of the group.
  7. Completion of the activity.
  8. Awards ceremony.
  9. Shower at the club.
  10. Lunch in an authentic restaurant a good rice to choose.

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