Wine Tasting Experience

On May 27th, together with Bodegas Nadal , we organized a wine tasting organized for the companies of the Cowork Rambla Catalunya, in Barcelona, always trying to maintain the necessary precautions of COVID19. We were lucky enough to have sommelier Linda Silva. In this tasting we were able to taste one of their best Corpinnat quality sparkling wines: Nadal Brut Reserva Original.

Linda began by introducing us to Bodegas Nadal, the history of Corpinnat and how this family has overcome all kinds of adversities and continues with the family business, a thriving business.

Bodegas Nadal began to produce its sparkling wines in 1943, and in 2015 they joined 5 other prestigious brands (Gramona, Llopart, Recaredo, Sabaté i Coca and Torelló) and created the Corpinnat seal.

Corpinnat means the Heart of the Penedès, and this label encompasses under its umbrella the sparkling wines made with grapes exclusively from the Penedès, of an exclusive quality. Such is its exclusivity that the word Cava was finally replaced by Corpinnat, in order to differentiate itself from the rest of the offer.

The evening took place on the terrace of Ca La Maria, a boutique hotel located in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample and, proudly, we can say that it was very successful.

A wine tasting, in the form of an informal “afterwork” where all attendees were at ease and enjoyed a good glass of Nadal Brut Reserva Original.

We want to highlight some comments from the attendees, the most unexpected and at the same time the one that caught everyone’s attention was a participant defining the color as “ a sunrise in California “, which pleased and surprised the rest of the attendees. Others commented on its fruity taste, how smooth it was, and above all, everyone was enchanted by the Corpinnat.

We are very grateful to all those who participated in this great experience, from Bodegas Nadal for trusting us, to Cowork for having our services to organize the tasting, to Ca La Maria for giving us the space, and to Linda Silva, the sommelier with whom we had the pleasure of having for the experience.

Thank you all for participating, cheers!